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In the creation of The Incredible Dream Computer, many ideas from many people shaped some of the concepts, and therefore, the dreams resulting from them. Here are some links to sites that are related to subject matter discussed in the book that readers may find interesting, beneficial, and illuminating.

Aborigine Spirituality - Steven Guth, from Canberra, Australia, has been in close contact with aboriginal people "down under" for a major part of his life. In conjunction with several other out-of-the-Western-box thinkers, he has been a writer for Kheper, an esoteric site dedicated to sharing transformational views of existence and developing new ones. A transcript of Guth's talk about Aborigine spirituality to an Ainslie, Canberra church group in 2004, is found here. For western hemisphere folks, this is a great introduction to concepts that often aren't even possible for modern people to understand, much less practice, about the dreamtime, non-linear perspectives of thinking, and simply "being." Follow the site navigation to find the index of over 1500 essays on topics not taught in science or religion courses...but take any technological and spiritual paradigms to task as to their essential validity over each other.

ALSA - The ALS Association is dedicated to finding a cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The famous major league baseball player was the first to bring international attention to the affliction when he retired suddenly after diagnosed with it. Thousands of people contract it, and nearly all die slow and painful deaths from it, because it attacks motor neurons and the central nervous system. ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that is little understood but which draws not nearly enough research funding. ALSA is leading the search for a cure, and also the effort to help people who have ALS and their families by providing support and caregiving. The organization also shares a wealth of information and references at this site from which interested parties can draw in dealing with ALS.

Big Air Productions, Inc. - visit the brainchild of entrepreneurial artist-painter-sculptor-musician, Paul Polson-with an online tour of the products of his imagination and Seattle-based giant inflatable studios and manufacturing facilities. Big Air's three-dimensional art has been seen around the world, in Las Vegas, on broadway stages, at trade shows, through billboards, expos, and is featured annually in Macy's Holiday Parade held in Seattle. Visit Seattle and you might even see some of it climbing various downtown edifices, and who knows? Maybe get to ride in an inflatable parade float...

Boldt Castle - for the romantics and sentimentalists, a trip to this page might inspire you to do more than a virtual visit to one of America's most ambitious tributes to tragic love. The 1000 Islands chain dresses the St. Lawrence River with historical and adventurous wonders that attract a host of international tourists every year. Boldt Castle is one of them, but no pictures or anecdotes will equal the story your own eyes will tell. If you are intrigued by tales of nobility, royalty, heartbreak, and opulence, make it a point to inquire about this modern day early 20th century wonder that silently stands amid the islands bordering the USA and Canada.

Disc Makers - the premier place for indie artists, film makers, and anybody who needs quality CD and DVD replication and duplication. With a pristine facility located in Pennsauken, New Jersey, Disc Makers does it all, and does it all right. From a few to a few thousand, artwork, packaging, even marketing strategies and opportunities to establish your own duplication business, product specialists, many of whom have been in the music and entertainment business for years, can help you get your groove on—on "wax," as the saying goes. Once you try them, you won't get your music "disc-"overed anywhere any better.

Dr. Ronald M. Ruff - a pioneer in the treatment of traumatic head injury, one of clinical neuropsychologist and rehabilitation psychologist Ronald Ruff's objectives is to help people with head injuries find ways to integrate healthily back into society. Dr. Ruff has been helping brain-injured patients and their families for over twenty years. He has developed tests and techniques for evaluating TBI (traumatic brain injury) patients' progress and status. His research indicates that while technology to treat brain-injured people has grown, so has the sheer number of head traumas, while the growth of resources for funding TBI care and support hasn't matched those statistics. For those who need to connect with valuable information, support, and resources concerning their own trauma, or that of loved ones, make this page a first stop.

Figtree's Cafe - one of the many nice things about Venice, California is visiting one of its finest beachfront restaurants, ala cafe style at Figtree's. Since 1978, the atmosphere has always equalled the cuisine for an exciting as well as relaxing meal at the edge of the world where the earth, sky, and water meet. With a range of items on the menu like Navajo Corncakes, Veggie Dagwoods, and Yoghurt Frou Frou, vegetarians know they are welcome. Don't let that sway you if you aren't. They have killer seafood plates and a turkey Reuben to die for...not to mention the famous L.A. Burrito. Tasty beverages aren't mere drinks. They're elixirs, like "Liquid Yoga" or "Mind Over Muddle." Herbal teas, fresh salads, gourmet coffees, and great desserts. Healthy food with a can't go wrong at Figtree's.

Laser Images, Inc. - learn more about the granddaddy of all laser entertainment companies, whose unique show, the first and best, was also the only one registered by the Smithsonian: LASERIUM. Once an addictive worldwide phenomenon viewed by millions in dozens of cities internationally, always legendary for its innovation, seductiveness, and creativity, still making history with its longevity, Laserium has never been duplicated. It has, though, always been envied for its style and graceful presentation. Here is the official site of the record-breaking gurus of laser enlightenment.

Lucis Trust - no student of metaphysical and occult philosophies could claim a thorough understanding of their workings without at least a working knowledge of their more modern movements, among them: Theosophy, and the Theosophical Society, co-founded by 19th century Ukrainian religious author Helena P. Blavatsky; and The Arcane School, formed by Alice A. Bailey, who became a Theosophical student in the early 20th century. Blavatsky's writings, now in the public domain, can largely be found at The Theosophical University Press Online. The copyright for Bailey's works are held by The Lucis Trust in New York. Through it, The Arcane School, founded by her in 1923 to train people into a "discipleship of responsible servitude" to humanity, still exists today. Lucis Trust has generated much controversy and criticism from orthodox religious groups, and conspiratorial theories abound as to the occult associations of its name. Is it, as it claims, an organization dedicated to a worldwide brotherhood of Christ-consciousness? Visit its site and decide for yourself.

Our Feathered Friends - for animal lovers of the avian kind, this is the mecca of domesticated psitticine creatures. Translation? If you love birds, especially parrots and other winged exotics, then aviculturists Mark and Sharon Petrarca are two friends of a feather you should get to know. Starting out in a small house-turned-pet shop in San Diego's North Park area 25 years ago, they are still going strong in the Mission Gorge district, with their customized facility dedicated to hand-raised birds, fresh seed mixes, accessories, and support for all your questions and needs. The Petrarcas have been dedicated breeders and trainers for decades now, with a wealth of knowledge and services for anyone from beginner to breeder. Their second store, Bird Haven, in Escondido, provides the same services and products to San Diego's northern regions. Worth a trip if you are in the area, but if not, the good news is they ship anything, anywhere, anytime.

San Diego Brain Injury Foundation - the impact of traumatic brain injury can never be overestimated, and since 1983 SDBIF has been at the front lines of promoting awareness and providing support and information about brain injury to people from all walks of life and levels of need. Extensive resources, wide-ranging services, relevant programs, and professional advocates from business and medical fields provide a far-reaching social network of support to survivors and families. Local facilities handle care-giving to residents, telephone helpline information and referral provides access to other agencies, guest speakers, and cable television series enable a greater scope of support through this essential institution of healing and beyond its walls. For more information, visit

SeaWiFS - while many people view "outer" space as the final frontier, the inner space of our planet still holds vast and unexplored secrets yet to be discovered. NASA, America's pioneering space exploration agency since 1958, has been conducting the "SeaWiFS" project since 1997, with the launch of the first SeaStar spacecraft. Although the execution of the experimental craft and instrumentation is very complex, the theory behind it is relatively simple: the oceans are filled with microscopic plants called phytoplankton. These organisms contain chlorophyll, and the oceans' color therefore varies by the degree of their presence. The ability to take color photographs of the earth's oceans from space can provide the science community with current data showing the presence, decline, and movement of these vital organisms. The SeaWiFS instrument—Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor—has been providing such data for a decade now. Fascinating and educational, this website will inspire awe, as well as give you a different perspective of the "eyes in the sky" most of us forget are watching us even while we sleep.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - a timeline of American rock and roll seldom yields Alex Harvey as a pivotal figure, but the 1935 born Scotsman influenced more rockers than most people know. Here is a tribute site to one of rock's most enigmatic exponents, complete with discography. The site also includes a heartfelt eulogy by famed British music journalist and author, Charles Shaar Murray. Harvey's life was as rough and tumble as his music, but his death in 1982 came at a point when he was only maturing in his stage persona, and cheated the world of rock and roll out of a truly one-of-a-kind, class act. A style unto itself, and never to be repeated, this is as close as you'll get to knowing all about SAHB. You will want to go out and find copies of his work once you've visited it. Listen to and watch 22 SAHB songs here:

Sushi Tomo - Ask anyone who walks into this cozy little Japanese restaurant in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, and they will agree on many points: the food is great, the service excellent, but the meaning of "sushi tomo" becomes perfectly clear by the time they walk out the door. From the moment you enter and are greeted with a welcoming smile by owner Ricky Chu or one of his pleasant staff, you will dine in comfort in an atmosphere of warmth and respect. The commensurate sushi chefs work non-stop to deliver tasty delights in generous portions and beautiful displays, and traditional Japanese fare from the busy kitchen is always delicious whether it's lunch or dinner, seven days a week. Sushi has been called sexy, healthy, even "brain food" by some. At Sushi Tomo you'll get a taste of all that and more: You'll learn that above all, Sushi Tomo means "sushi friends." And dining here, they certainly are.

Through the Eyes of a Stranger - view the making of and hear excerpts from Chris Lugar's first solo effort. This 1997 CD takes a little trip sideways and back through as many oddities as its thirteen tracks allow in 57 minutes. Also the debut album of studio band "Modiolus Opera & Die," lending themselves to the task of backing Lugar's lyrical, guitar, and flute work, with the mysteriously ethereal "Daddy LongLegs Sextet" layering on sweet background vocals. A limited edition released that year features an imprint of a rare, early black-and-white lithograph by Western Pennsylvania artist and sculptor Stuart McCausland, whose works have graced La Roche College; Cannes, France; Naples and Marco Island, Florida; and London's Heathrow Airport, among others. The CD itself contains a black-on-silver rendering of his 1976 circular sketch, titled "Continuance," which seems uncannily like it was commissioned for the album itself, though it predates the CD by twenty-one years. In the end, the stranger is you, wondering if you really just experienced what you thought you heard. Destined to be a collector's item, copies are still available.

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery - statistics are frightening, and there is no cure for brain injury. Fifty thousand people in the U.S. alone will die of it each year. Nearly a quarter of a million will be hospitalized and survive. Some 80,000 will experience long term disability. Those are the facts, but the Brain Injury Recovery Network exists to help victims and families find their way through such tragedies and along with it, hope. It was created by the family of a teenage victim of a car accident who suffered severe brain injury in 1999 and survived. Through its narrative, the impact of brain trauma aftermath comes home hard. The site has many links to valuable information, as well as an insightful journal style that makes it personal and candid, because it is. If you have a loved one suffering from TBI, this powerful site may help you understand the stages of healing from it better, and at the very least, help you to realize that you are not alone.

Two Live Dogs - great place to stop for acoustic music lovers. Longtime film colleague and friend, Steve Cohagan (True Lies, The War That Made America, My Cousin Vinny, The Hudsucker Proxy...) is joined by Chris Lugar in their sometimes controversial and always convolutingly "life-inspired" album of fourteen original songs recorded between 2001 and 2002. Released in 2003, set in an atmosphere of reverent sarcasm and a mood of irreverent "real time" studio shenanigans, this is an hour of real down home fun performed from the viewpoint of a couple of cartoon characters always in the doghouse. Check out Steve's original cover art—two doghouses on the moon looking back through a telescope at a deflating balloon earth flying away into space—and you'll see for yourself. Order a copy for your eclectic music shelf.

12 On 12 Off - a site that promotes humane work hours in the world of filmmaking through limiting work days to 12 hours with equal turnaround times for crews. Here's where you can go to buy 12On12off tee shirts and hats to help promote a sane work day for your crew. The slogan on the front, and the three rules for film productions to abide by on the back: #1. No More Than 12 Hours of Work, #2. No Less Than 12 Hours of Turnaround, and #3. No More Than 6 Hours Between Meals should become every film worker's anthem.

Who Needs Sleep? - for anyone who thinks working in the movie business is glamorous and exciting, here is an eye-opening reality check focusing on one of the biggest and most dangerous problems in the motion picture work force: sleep deprivation. In 1997, assistant cameraman Brent Hershman died in a car crash when he fell asleep at the wheel after working a 19-hour day. Consequently, renowned Oscar-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler, whose works include Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, made this documentary, available on DVD, about the lethality of working long hours and not getting enough sleep. It's a sobering indictment of our lifestyle, and a wake up call to those among us who should know better. A visit to this site is a requisite for any and every person working in the film business today. It may even help save lives. View the trailer here, and if that isn't enough to make you buy the DVD, maybe you should sleep on it.


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