Welcome to Dreamsongs. Dreamsongs is the title of Chapter Five of The Incredible Dream Computer* *And Its Incredible Dream Experiment; and they are exactly what they seem they should be—songs that came from dreams. Dreamsongs run the gamut of being any form of song that someone dreams and can later reproduce while awake. Here are six of them, which are featured with full explanations in the book. They are made available here as mono MP3 files to download and share, but the CD "Dreamsongs" included with The Incredible Dream Computer is in stereo and contains a bonus track. Should you want to purchase the CD separately, a portion of each sale will be donated to head injury research and support groups.

Click the download button to copy mono MP3 versions of the following dreamsongs to your computer: In Our Room Gwendolyn's Song Magic Maker Winterjay Mountains of Mars Shrimp Dinner

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Click the order button and follow the instructions to buy the stereo AIFF version of "Dreamsongs" on CD, including the bonus track: Mr. Stone
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