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The Incredible Dream Computer*




Not many people are comfortable admitting that they’ve been a guinea pig in a scientific experiment that was often beyond their control. In The Incredible Dream Computer* *And Its Incredible Dream Experiment, prepare to meet someone who has been a scientist performing such an experiment upon himself for a substantial part of his life. Musician and filmmaker Chris Lugar harvests his dreams using “cinekinetisynthesis,” among other methods, to bring them vividly alive on this side of the wall of sleep he climbs over each time he goes there and back. Discover the many processes of recovering dreams, awake or asleep, that Chris has come to recognize as the equivalent of the muse in each of us. This connection to something indescribably as delicious as it is good or bad is just the appetizer in this multi-layered storehouse of morsels to digest about dreams and dreaming. He explains through vibrant storytelling and songwriting what he believes the world needs now as much as love: better dreams, and a way to share them.

In The Incredible Dream Computer, he methodically and patiently maps a course over a dreamtime of living and lifetime of dreaming, leading us to how he has learned to do this in his own and partake in the betterment of the dreamlives of others.

Looking at himself through the microscope of self-analysis after surgery and more than fifteen-year long recovery from brain injury, he finds the pathways not always pleasant, the experiment never over, and isn’t afraid to share that with you if you aren’t afraid to take a ride through the darkness as well as the light side of dreaming. More than dreams are shared during the voyage. Chris invents ways to contrast the reality of dreams with the dream powers of healing, intertwined with the ambiguity of unreal dimensions both the waking and sleeping worlds take on in our uncertain existences every day. The healing powers of dreaming distinctly take form in the process. Sometimes the horror of their very real presence descends upon us, however, as he goes where the dreams take him, often unexpectedly. Through his starkly honest presentations, we willingly go along with him.





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Our intricate world, unveiled as a world not only populated by dreamers, but also invented by dreams down through the ages, also becomes Chris’s theme and melody at many points of interest along the way. He sings to you in his dreamsongs, capturing them from the heart of dreamspace to compel you, tease, enlighten you, as well as lighten your spirit in hearing them. We learn that we have no license to covet anything but our dreams, that it has always been among our most sought after treasures to be able to make them come true, and our biggest folly to deny them, often at any cost.


The magnitude of our dreams is revealed in The Incredible Dream Computer as much as the struggle one person’s mind endures having them. Chris’s journey spans far beyond any trivial pursuit of their interpretations and meaning. His efforts at self-analysis often assay his own motives and flaws candidly and brutally. That candor inspires you to want to do the same, and wonder if you have the mettle. His experiences have sown fertile seeds for much of his perceptions of dreamstuff to grow stronger through a lifetime of work in the entertainment field, a brilliance that shines through even when he offers the hardest material for the bravest readers to digest. Thus we are entertained and cajoled into staying aboard his dreamship that sails an ocean of tales, difficult sometimes to believe one person could dream, much less explain. Some would even less care to admit them.

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In the end, it isn’t so much dreaming that Chris explains, which he confesses is as elusive as any Holy Grail or pot of gold to the dreamer searching for the perfect dream. It’s a world—our world—seen through a dreamer’s perspective that becomes clearly the focus of this experiment. To be able to accompany him at his personal invitation while he explores the limitless possibilities of our most abstract best and worst selves is only the icing on the cake of this heartfelt and powerful treatise. Pure knowledge about ourselves as the goal, and a better world through removing nightmares from our vocabulary, our own perspectives, and our lives, are the purposeful aims of The Incredible Dream Computer* * And Its Incredible Dream Experiment. From the first to the last page, you will be compelled to take in every moment of the journey…and glad that you did.

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